Maliana No secrets. No magic. Just a solid UX/UI and Development process which delivers consistently good results.


Carrières-sous-Poissy Our first step on every project is a discovery session. This is where we learn about your business, your expectations, your customers and their expectations and goals. We listen, learn and plan what the end result needs to look like. Rudo is a bespoke design agency. This means no long forms to be filled. Our approach is conversation-driven and our strategies are tailor-made.


acrobatically A persona, in user-centred design and marketing, is a fictional character created to represent a user type that will interact with the website we are designing. This exercise is extremely useful in defining who your target audience is and what problems they are looking to solve on your website.

Personas provide meaningful archetypes which can be used to assess the design approach. Constructing personas helps ask the right questions and answer those questions in line with the users we are designing the product/website for.

User Flow

Depending on a project user flow can be a simple site map or a complex document showing how different user types will navigate and interact with the website.

User flow gives us a birds-eye view of the future website. The ultimate goal is to get users to their desired destination with as few clicks as possible.


The wireframe is a simple black & white sketch outlining the general layout of the homepage. It is not the design. Wireframes are a great way to layout the content and come up with the overall page structure before designing the actual website.

We normally create clickable wireframes (prototypes) in InVision which allows to scroll and navigate the website before it was designed & built. It’s a great way to test user experience as it allows us to make changes quickly and efficiently.

UI Design

The most exciting part of any web design project is the User Interface (UI) design stage. This is when we arrive at the final look & feel of the future website by using the right combination of colours, typography and other design elements.

Depending on the project, we can follow the existing branding guidelines or create the design from scratch if it’s a new business with no prior branding.


We develop the static design files that were approved in the UI design phase and bring them to life in line with the project requirements. Our websites are always fully-responsive and are easy to use on any device from desktop to mobile.

All of our websites are built on an easy to use content management system. This means our clients are able to update copy, upload images, gather newsletter subscribers, manage contact forms etc. without ever touching the code. We also provide training & advise on all new projects.


We provide free 30 days advise & support period for all new websites. This can be extended into an ongoing Maintenance & Support retainer. Our maintenance contracts cover full range of services including design, development, backups, content management and security updates.

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