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Scope of Project:

User Flow Wireframes/Prototypes UI Design HubSpot Development


OneSource Virtual (OSV) provides in-application Workday services and solutions for payroll, benefits, accounts payable, tax, and more. When OSV recognised the need for a complete overhaul of their website, they entrusted our agency with the task of transforming their online platform into a dynamic and user-centric experience.


One of the primary challenges our team encountered during the redesign and development of OSV's website was the integration of a robust resources section featuring gated content. Recognising the value of providing exclusive materials to their audience, our client sought to establish a repository of premium resources that would not only showcase their industry expertise but also serve as a lead generation mechanism.

The challenge lay in creating a seamless and user-friendly experience for visitors to access these valuable resources while implementing a secure gating mechanism to capture essential user information. Striking the right balance between user convenience and data collection posed a unique challenge, requiring a strategic approach to maximise the impact of the gated content while ensuring a positive and engaging user journey.


We worked together with the OSV marketing team to create a new site structure (user flow) and the content layout (wireframes). Working together with the brand identity designer, we were able to achieve a consistent and distinct look & feel for the new website. The website is running on a custom-built HubSpot theme.


This case study delves into the collaborative journey between OSV and Rudo Studio, illustrating the strategic approach, creative insights, and technical expertise that went into redefining their digital footprint. From conceptualisation to execution, we embarked on a mission to not only align their website with contemporary design standards but also to amplify their brand narrative through compelling content.

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I’ve never known anyone who delivered a project of this quality in that timeframe.

— Hayley Van Leeuwan, Director of Product, Voyager Worldwide

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