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How to start my project?

We recommend you send us an email first with a quick summary of your project and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to book an introductory call so we can find out more about your project. In our first call together, we’ll ask you lots of questions about your project goals, budget, audience, timeframe, and other essential details we need. If you’re worried about your idea or innovation getting out there, we can always sign an NDA if necessary, but we always treat all of our client conversations as confidential. We highly recommend you look into a few user experience agencies to compare prices and see the UI/UX approach they use. 

Unlike many other UI/UX agencies out there that only work on hourly rates, we gather up documentation such as design briefs, project requirements, past designs, and anything else we need to estimate the project cost as accurately as possible before we start.  

Once we go through the introductory call and get all the data we need from you, we’ll email you a proposal, which will include a detailed description of our UI/UX approach, phases, deliverables, activities, design team composition, and relevant case studies


How are you different from other Top Rated design agencies?

So, what makes us different?  Clients ask this question all the time. 

It’s quality, that’s it. Our products & websites look amazing, are easy to use and are the perfect reflection of your brand. The people who work on your projects make all the difference in the world because behind what we do stands a team whose passion and dedication to their craft is unmatched. Unlike many agencies out there, we’re a perfect mix of Branding, UX/UI design and web development. The projects we work on stay under one roof and are assigned to a senior team of UI/UX designers, developers, and other experts led by one of our team leaders. 

What areas of UX/UI design & development do you focus on?

We’re all about the user experience. Ever since we launched as a UI/UX and a web design agency, we’ve focused on creating websites and but have later expanded to other areas like SaaS, web applications, and branding. Anything from building a new product to revamping an existing app, website, or enterprise software — we handle everything you need to make a great digital product. Our focus is user research, product strategy, user interface, user experience, usability testing, prototyping, and web development. 

We’re a web design agency that believes a great website should turn your prospects into buyers by providing a great experience and consistent brand messaging. That’s why our UX designers work closely with our web design team to make sure your customers get a website they love and are delighted to buy products or services from. 

Do you design websites?

Yes, we do! Web design projects are at the core of our operations. We’re known for creating world-class websites that convert well and people love to share them, which helps us land new clients who are already huge fans of what we do. 

We combine powerful storytelling, award-winning web design, and innovative technology to deliver websites for tech startups and other traditional businesses as well. 

We prefer showcasing projects that are already live. You will find live link to past projects on our Portfolio page.

We challenge ourselves, try new things, improve processes to lower costs, or simply work faster without compromising quality with each new project we take on. 

Do you offer branding & logo design?

Yes, we do. We’ve done branding and logo design for multiple projects listed on our portfolio. Make sure to check the Scope of Work section to see what exactly we did on a particular project. 

That being said, our clients often come to us with either a brand strategy or even a complete visual identity package in place. In such cases, we use their foundation as a starting point to make sure we extend and enrich their brand while staying true to its roots. 

How much do you charge?

This all depends on the size of your project, how long it takes, deliverables involved, and the people working on it. When the project is flexible and things aren’t set in stone, you pay for the time and materials spent on your project. However, most of our UI/UX projects are fixed-price contracts. After learning everything we need to know about your project, we’ll factor in the hourly rate and the number of hours we think it takes to complete your project and then gives you a detailed proposal for you to consider. 

Get in touch with us by e-mail or schedule a call to discuss the scope and receive an initial estimate.

Do you work with Startups?

We partner up with lots of companies all the time, big and small. We love working with a fast-moving startup that challenges our skills and process. What’s better than seeing one of our start-up clients experience geometric growth and serve millions of people all over the world? 

These are just a few examples of startups who we’ve been working with nearly from day one: Janio, SupplyCompas, ClimateAI

I have an idea but need help developing it further.

We have experience starting projects with very limited information. We’re a full-on digital agency with services ranging from user research all the way to information architecture, UI/UX design, prototyping, user testing, full-stack development, and design systems. 

Every new UX project we work on, we deep-dive and fully immerse ourselves in research so we can learn everything we need to know about your project details and the industry you’re in. Check out Our Process page to learn more about our approach. 

Our UI/UX design firm works independently and moves fast, avoiding the hassle of a large organization.

Tell me more about your design process.

While every UI/UX design project is unique and every business has different needs, we always try and go through the following main phases:


Discovery & Research 


We start here by gathering up all of the project data, documents, and scheduling a UX workshop with your team. We interview key stakeholders, work on different requirements and ideas you have, and plan future steps. We also talk to your existing and potential customers to better understand their needs and frustrations. Sometimes, we may need to audit your product and find areas for improvement that could be beneficial to the user experience. We’ll also look at your competitor’s products, gather visual design references, and document best practices. 


Digital Strategy & Concepts


After we’ve gathered all the data in the discovery & research phase, we’ll craft a digital strategy and come up with a UX approach to drive our design process. We’ll explore different options of core elements such as information architecture, screen layouts and UI design direction. After we’ve done this, we’ll test our results and concepts with users, customers, and stakeholders. Once we get feedback, we’ll make all of the necessary changes and updates needed to move on with designing on the rest of the product. 


UI/UX Design


After the first two phases are set and the UI design concept has been approved, this is when we start designing the UI/UX, do user testing, and make changes along the way. The main activities of the UI/UX design process include user flow mapping, wireframing, user interface design, prototyping, and interaction design. We use tools like Zeplin to hand off design assets to developers and provide them with an all-inclusive style guide containing a UI component library, UX guidelines, and complete user flows. 

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