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Math intensive SaaS application

We've designed and built a marketing website for a financial SaaS platform

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Scope of Project:

User Flow Wireframes/Prototypes UI Design Front-end Development Custom WordPress Theme


Tasked with transforming the digital presence of a math-intensive financial SaaS platform, our design agency collaborated with the Tolerisk team, which sought to re-design their existing marketing website built on WordPress. With a critical timeframe tied to the impending application release, the project aimed to rapidly and comprehensively re-build the client-facing marketing site, requiring our team to work collaboratively and efficiently to meet the tight deadline.


The primary challenge involved overhauling the existing marketing website within a condensed six-week timeline while ensuring the design and development aligned seamlessly with the intricacies of the math-intensive financial SaaS platform. The urgency to deliver an updated style guide, design mockups, and a fully functional website added complexity, necessitating precise coordination with the Tolerisk team to create an optimised site structure (user flow) and content layout (wireframes) that reflected the platform's sophisticated offerings.


Our strategic solution involved a collaborative approach with the Tolerisk team, working closely to define a streamlined user flow and wireframes that encapsulated the essence of the math-intensive financial SaaS platform. Rapid development of a custom-built WordPress theme ensured the website's speed, security, and tailored functionality to meet the specific needs of financial advisors. Efficient communication and iterative design processes enabled us to swiftly produce updated style guides and design mockups, aligning with the Tolerisk vision for their revamped marketing site.


The result was a fully functional and visually compelling marketing website launched in tandem with the application release, meeting the tight six-week deadline. The custom-built WordPress theme not only optimised speed and security but also ensured a seamless user experience for financial advisors navigating the math-intensive SaaS platform. The collaborative effort not only elevated the Tolerisk brand but also provided a robust digital foundation for effectively communicating their unique value proposition to the financial advisory community.

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I’ve never known anyone who delivered a project of this quality in that timeframe.

— Hayley Van Leeuwan, Director of Product, Voyager Worldwide

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