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Service Innovation Group

Europe's Leading Field Sales Agency

Service Innovation Group (SIG) specialises in providing world-class field sales solutions, empowering brands, retailers, and businesses to conquer new markets, maximise revenue potential, and navigate diverse cultural and regulatory landscapes through the expertise of its skilled professionals.

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Scope of Project:

Discovery User Flow Wireframes/Prototypes UI Design Front-end Development WebFlow


In the wake of a recent rebranding initiative, our design agency partnered with SIG, a dynamic field sales company specialising in empowering brands, retailers, and businesses to conquer new markets. Armed with a team of skilled professionals possessing profound market knowledge, cultural insights, and regulatory expertise, the company sought a website redesign to align with its refreshed identity and restructuring of product offerings.


The challenge lay in presenting the company's diverse and specialised field sales solutions in a way that resonated with distinct user groups while navigating through the intricacies of cultural nuances and regulatory landscapes. The existing website lacked a cohesive structure, hindering effective communication of the brand's expertise and tailored services to potential clients. Ensuring a seamless user experience for varied audiences with different needs became a focal point.


Our approach commenced with a strategic sitemap, providing a roadmap for a well-organized structure that catered to the diverse service offerings. Collaborating closely with the client, we produced updated copy that encapsulated the essence of their rebranding and created layouts for major pages. The wireframing phase ensured a blueprint for a user-centric website that considered the distinct requirements of different user groups. The UI design further brought these visions to life, incorporating a clean and intuitive interface for enhanced navigation.

WebFlow was strategically chosen as the CMS to facilitate rapid development and easy content management. This choice not only expedited the backend development process but also empowered the client with the flexibility to efficiently manage and update their website content.


The collaboration resulted in a brand new website that not only reflected the essence of the company's rebranding but also effectively communicated its prowess in field sales solutions. The improved navigation and clear presentation of service offerings tailored to diverse user groups streamlined the user journey. The clean and easy-to-navigate UI design enhanced user engagement, providing a dynamic platform for brands, retailers, and businesses to explore the company's world-class field sales solutions.

The utilisation of WebFlow as the CMS contributed to the fast development of the website and empowered the client with seamless content management capabilities. The result was a website that showcased the company's expertise in conquering new markets and also maximized its revenue potential in a highly competitive landscape. Positive feedback from both the client and their stakeholders underscored the success of our collaborative effort in delivering a website that epitomized excellence and innovation in the field of field sales solutions.

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I’ve never known anyone who delivered a project of this quality in that timeframe.

— Hayley Van Leeuwan, Director of Product, Voyager Worldwide

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