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Multiomics Services & Data Analysis Company

Psomagen is a leading contract research services provider in the field of multiomics, specializing in delivering precision-driven research solutions for scientists and clinicians.

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Scope of Project:

Discovery User Flow Wireframes/Prototypes UI Design Front-end Development HubSpot Development


In the dynamic field of multiomics, where precision and clarity are paramount, our client Psomagen, a leading contract research services provider, recognised the imperative of a sophisticated online presence. With a commitment to serving both scientists and clinicians, they approached our design agency seeking a comprehensive overhaul of their website. The objective was to enhance navigation, clearly articulate diverse service offerings, and provide a user-centric experience tailored to different audience segments.


The existing website faced challenges in effectively communicating the breadth of contract research services to scientists and clinicians alike. The lack of a cohesive structure hindered seamless navigation, making it difficult for users to locate relevant information. The diverse user groups required a tailored approach, necessitating a design that spoke directly to the unique needs and interests of scientists and clinicians.


Our journey began with a strategic sitemap, designed to organize content in a manner that would facilitate intuitive navigation. Collaborating closely with the client, we produced updated and targeted copy for each major page, ensuring clarity and resonance with both scientists and clinicians. Wireframes were then developed to establish the foundation for a website that would seamlessly guide users through the diverse service offerings.

The UI design phase focused on creating a clean and visually appealing interface, incorporating distinct elements that catered to the preferences of scientists and clinicians. HubSpot's versatile CMS was employed to not only streamline backend development but also empower the client with the capability to easily edit and update website content. This strategic use of HubSpot also opened avenues for leveraging its marketing capabilities to enhance the client's online reach.


Our efforts resulted in a brand new website that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations. The improved navigation seamlessly guided scientists and clinicians to the specific services relevant to their needs. The clear and concise copy, coupled with a visually appealing UI design, ensured that each user group felt a personalised connection to the content.

By utilising HubSpot's CMS, we enhanced the website's functionality and also empowered the client to manage and update their content effortlessly. The revamped website became a dynamic tool for the client, allowing them to showcase their expertise and engage effectively with their target audience. Positive feedback from both scientists and clinicians underscored the success of our collaborative effort in delivering a website that truly aligned with the client's vision and mission in the field of multiomics.

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I’ve never known anyone who delivered a project of this quality in that timeframe.

— Hayley Van Leeuwan, Director of Product, Voyager Worldwide

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