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API Management Plafrom

Our design agency collaborated with an API management platform, recently migrated to HubSpot, to comprehensively redesign and enhance their website, addressing visual and functional aspects, while implementing a dynamic resources section, resulting in an elevated online presence and user experience within the competitive API management landscape.

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Scope of Project:

User Flow Wireframes/Prototypes UI Design Front-end Development HubSpot Development


Our design agency collaborated with an API management platform that recently transitioned to HubSpot, seeking a design and development partner to elevate their website visually and functionally. The project aimed to implement multiple updates, enhance the website's competitive edge, and expand the templates library. Central to the challenge was the creation of a comprehensive resources section to host diverse content types. Our team embarked on a collaborative journey with the client, combining design expertise with HubSpot development capabilities.


The primary challenge was twofold: first, to visually and functionally enhance the existing website, aligning it with the company's innovative offerings and recent migration to HubSpot. Second, to create a robust resources section capable of housing varied content types. The challenge involved crafting UI solutions that catered to user needs and preferences, collaborating closely with the client's team to iterate on mockups until achieving a mutually satisfying result. The implementation phase required our HubSpot development team to build custom modules and templates, ensuring seamless integration with the HubSpot CMS.


Our strategic approach began with an in-depth analysis of the existing website, identifying areas for improvement and expansion. Collaborating closely with the client's team, we generated UI solutions and iteratively produced and revised mockups to ensure alignment with both aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. The creation of a dynamic resources section involved thoughtful design decisions, aiming to enhance user engagement and ease of content exploration.

In the implementation phase, our HubSpot development team utilized their expertise to build custom modules and templates within the HubSpot CMS. This approach not only streamlined the development process but also ensured a cohesive and responsive user experience across various devices.


The collaboration resulted in a transformed website that not only visually and functionally surpassed the client's expectations but also positioned them as a leader in the competitive API management space. The resources section emerged as a versatile hub for diverse content types, enhancing user interaction and providing valuable resources to visitors.

The seamless integration of custom modules and templates within the HubSpot CMS not only expanded the website's capabilities but also empowered the client with easy content management. Positive feedback from both the client and end-users underscored the success of our collaborative effort, solidifying the API management platform's digital presence and ensuring scalability for future innovations.

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I’ve never known anyone who delivered a project of this quality in that timeframe.

— Hayley Van Leeuwan, Director of Product, Voyager Worldwide

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